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If you’re looking for help in owning, renting, or selling your vacation timeshare home or unit then look no farther. Whatever you need, U destinations will find a way for purchasing directly from resort owners, clear negotiations with owners flexible ability to book at unique resorts, and detailed knowledge about the resort you want to stay at. You can call now to speak with one of our expert representatives and get you started on your dream vacation getaway.

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U Destinations, LLC is NOT associated with ANY UBER companies. That includes, but Not limited to, UBER Transportation, UBER eats, etc.
U Destinations, LLC wishes to state categorically that it does NOT promote, endorse, or support ANY materials published by these UBER companies or its affiliates.

As Such, U Destinations, LLC is its own entity and is a Certified Timeshare Rental and Resale By Owner Company. U Destinations, LLC offers programs and services that provides timeshare owners with the global exposure needed to get their ownerships rented and/or sold in a timely manner.

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