Things To Know

Interested in selling your vacation ownership? Give us a call and we’ll help you. Make sure to have all of your paperwork beforehand to make everything go smoothly.

Follow the checklist below for all of the necessary paperwork needed.

  • Name, Address, and Phone of the vacation spot you want to sell.
  • The deed, and contract of your membership agreement that states which unit you own and the interval in which you own it.
  • Your financing agreement.
  • Title insurance information that clearly states your interest or membership
  • Your exchange company affiliation, the RCI or II.
  • The amount and due dates of your maintenance fees and taxes. Proof it has been paid for the current year.
  • Date of availability for new owner reservation if your timeshare is a fixed week/unit or if it requires reservations in advance (floating of flex timeshare).
  • Have copies made of the resorts owner’s association showing resort rules and regulations, reservation rules, and any other important information pertaining to the resort that a new owner may need.

If you have any questions please contact us anytime!

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